Blog and FAQ for all your TV Bracket installation questions

Choosing the best TV bracket for you


All of our TV brackets come with standard fittings for an quick and easy installation, however  there are a few things to consider for a first-time Installer. Here you will find some tips and tricks that may help you with your TV Bracket installation.


Know your VESA size and WEIGHT


It is very important to get all the information together before choosing your TV bracket. With most TVs you can find this information in the instructions that came with the TV or on the back of the TV itself.

The VESA refers to the spacing between the holes in the back of your TV. In order to safely secure your TV to a mount you need to make sure that the TV and the bracket’s VESA Match. For example,  a TV with a VESA of 600x400 needs a bracket in the same range.

WEIGHT is another important factor; TVs today are getting bigger however they are still relatively light weight as an older TV may be smaller but heaver. It is important to make sure that your bracket can support the weight of your TV.


Ensuring that your TV Bracket is level and fastened securely


Before you start, make sure you are happy with the height you plan on mounting your TV and have a plan in place for your cable management.

To stop any accidents with your expensive TV coming loose or falling, make sure that the bracket has been fastened to the wall using a drill with the correct fittings. Some of our brackets have a spirit level inbuilt. If the model you have chosen does not, we advise you use a spirit level to avoid any frustrations after installation. Once you have the bracket level use a pencil to mark the wall where you want to drill your pilot holes. (A good rule to follow: Measure twice, drill once.) With your pilot holes in place you can then follow with your wall anchors then screw the mount into place.




Hopefully this information will help you in the purchase and installation of your new TV Bracket if you still require any help feel free to call one of our team for assistance or to contact an installer.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



    What Is VESA?


A standard measurement defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) for mounting flat TV’s.


    What screws do I need for my TV bracket?


All of our brackets come with the correct screws and plugs.


What TV bracket do I need?


What you need to consider is do you want flat or tilt (which is better for reducing glare) and articulated for tights spots or allowing viewing in different rooms such as the kitchen. 


    Can I mount a TV on any Wall?


You will have to take into account the weight of the TV and if your wall will be strong enough to hold it. Brick can hold a good deal of weight,  gyprock requires more attention prior to installation.


    Can my TV be wall mounted?


Most flat TV’s can be mounted. Look for the VESA on the TV  itself or in the TV’s  manual to get a clear indication of if you can or cannot.


Is it hard to install a TV bracket?


Mounting a TV bracket can be easy if you take your time and follow the instructions. If you have never used an electric drill before then we would recommend that you contact an installer to assist.